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                July 15, 2010

It seems like we are going to have no storage of moisture this summer.  We had almost two inches of rain here the other night and other locations in the area had even more.  This will defiantly keep the lake levels up.  Our last class session for this current open water class was on Tuesday night and we will have another class starting the 10 th of August which will be the last open water class for the summer.  Congratulations to Kasey S for finishing her open water training. She will be taking off to Florida for some great diving and said she will be sending some pictures.   All of you needing to finish your checkout dives for both the open and advanced classes please call the dive center and get those set up.  We still need a couple of more to sign up for the Advanced open water class to make it go.  It is well worth your time as it helps to improve your diving skills and to make you more confident in the underwater element. 

I am sure that those in the area heard about the divers that died while diving at Black River Falls Wis. this last weekend.  Two died and one is alive after spending time in the chamber.  I have not heard all the details on what occurred.  If anyone has any info we would like to know. It is always hurts to see someone in our sport lose their life.  Here is a link to an article about the incident that was in the Star Tribune. He wasn't going to leave his buddy' on Page B1 of Tuesday, July 13, 2010 issue of Star Tribune

 Here is another interesting video about a ring being found.

We are going out spear fishing again and the divers will get to try out a new Russian built spear gun.  Hopefully they will get to see more carp on these dives.  Come and join us spearing fish.  Warning it can get addictive and it sure is fun and gives you another reason to dive.

 We will be running a Nitrox and Rescue diver class in the month of August so call for more details.

Ocean Reef is having a special on the Space Full Face mask so if you have been interested in buying a full face mask stop in and we will give you more details on the program.

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