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               July 23, 2010

This is the warmest the lakes have been in two years.  Most are running in the high 70 degree range.  Even with all the rain we have had the lakes still have some good visibility.  Summer is half over so let's get out and do some diving.  Don't let summer slip away without enjoying our underwater world. 

We have been on two jewelry recoveries this last week.

Those finishing their open water dives are: Dan A, and Austin L.

There have been a number of divers asking about our winter trip to Cozumel in Jan.  Now is the time to start putting money away for it.  A 250.00 dollar deposit before Sept. 1 and we will take $25.00 off the price of the trip. 

We will have an advanced classroom next Friday night the 30 th here at the dive center and so far we have had two that are interested.  Let me know if you want to take the course so we have materials for everyone.

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