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           July 31, 2010

We just had another 3 inches of rain this last Tuesday and that has brought the lake levels up.  For those in the advanced class we are doing a deep and navigational dive tomorrow Aug. 1 at 9 AM.  Please let us know if you are interested in going along.  We had four taking the advanced classroom last night.

Those finishing their open water checkout dives are Charles Blixt , Nick Blixt and Denise Keys.  They enjoyed diving in a school of over 200 fish.  There are still a number of you needing to get your open water dives done.  We have a class starting the 10 of Aug. and it will be the last class we will have this summer other than privates.   So if you know of someone taking a vacation this winter tell them now is the time to get certified so they can dive when they travel.  We will have a Nitrox class within the next couple of weeks and we have 3 signed up so far and would welcome anyone else interested to join us.  It is one night of classroom and two dives.

Kapital Reef snorkels the worlds best dry snorkel has dropped about 30 dollars in price so if you are looking for a good dry snorkel this is the best on the market.

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