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                                September 22, 2010

We had 9 divers and one non diver on the Lake Superior trip and everyone had a great time.  This was the first time most had had a chance to dive shipwrecks so it was an exciting time for the divers.  Divers going were Ales Kubat, Doyle Leitheiser, Chris Lee , Ryan Tangen , Chris Restsmayer, Tom Erickson, Justin Erickson, Tyler Erickson, and Seal.  The weather was great but the water was a little cooler this year with temps. in the mid forties because of the way the winds were blowing in. Friday afternoon we dove on wreckage of the Niagara .  We stayed in Two Harbors Friday and Saturday nights.  Saturday morning we headed for Split Rock and dove on the Maderia and Saturday afternoon the group headed to Silver Bay to dive the Hesper.  Sunday was spent doing the Ely and the Two Harbors breakwater.  We did find areas with Zebra mussels.  Hoping they do not get as bad as the other Great Lakes .

Here are some pictures of the trip.

Two divers on the Pilot House of           Chris L and Doyle L on the                          Chris L entering the                       Seal on the Ely

the Maderia                                                Ely                                                       water on the Ely

We are planning a trip next summer to the Apostle Island by Bayfield Wis. and dive the wrecks there.  It sounds like most of this bunch wants to go.  Water temps. are normally in the mid sixties so it makes for comfortable wetsuit diving.  

We are still looking for divers to go on the Cozumel trip in January and join us for some of the best salt water diving that the Caribbean has to offer.

We will have a Rescue Diver class next Wed. and would like to have a couple of more divers join us for this class.

We have a couple of used Ocean Reef Full Face masks for sale.

The certification cards should be in by next week as we finally finished up most of the classes for the summer.

Diving has still been good and the water temperatures are still in the sixties so get at least one more dive in before the lakes get hard.

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