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                               October 7, 2010

What great weather we are having. You would think it was still August instead of October.  Lakes are still warm and some of the lakes still have some good visibility.  We will be diving this weekend if anyone wants to make a dive. 

All the certification cards for all the classes are in except for the Rescue Diver class.  Please call before coming out to pick them up to make sure someone is around.

The best rates I have been able to get for flights for Cozumel are Monday through Monday.  We will save about 200 per person verse going from Sat. through Sat.  The only other flights that are cheap are not direct flights.  The price for the flights can change from day to day so if you are interested in going it would be best to sign up soon to lock in the price of the flight.  Land package will be around $989.00 per diver and the flight right now will be close to $600.00  There has been a great deal of interest and if you have further questions in regards to what the trip is all about please call me at 218-847-4868 for more detail.

Nov. is the time of the year when manufactures come out with new items and we are looking forward to see what is new in the dive industry.  Ocean Reef full face masks are changing their line.  The will have a recreational mask and comm. system and a commercial line of equipment.  Tri-State Diving is one of the few dive centers authorized to handle both lines.

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