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                      November 3, 2010

The snow we got last week went away by last Saturday.  Six of us ventured out and made a dive in Big Cornmorant Lake on Sunday.  Water temperature was 47 degrees but the visibility had dropped and we think it was due to all the wind last week and the lake is probably in turnover.  With this warm weather we are having hopefully it will be a while before the lakes freeze over.  We still plan on doing more diving before freeze up so if you want to get a dive in let me know.  Our dive a month club did not do as well this year as I had expected and we hope to make it work better next year.  There are still some of us that plan on getting another dive in this month and getting at least one dive in December to finish out this year.  We do have dry suits to rent to help extend your dive season.

Think warm as we still have openings left for the Cozumel trip in January.  The number of seats on the flight is becoming limited so if you are still interested let me know as soon as possible so we can make sure you can join us.  The good old days were people could sign up a week before we left on the trip  is no longer possible so we need comment now to hold a spot for those traveling. 

It is getting closer to the Holiday season so keep that dive buddy in mind and think about some scuba item they might need to make their diving experience more enjoyable.   And if you are a diver it is always a good idea to drop a hit or two about what items you might need for your next diving excursion.  We stock most items but the sooner you let us know we can make sure that we will have that item for you.  If you are not sure what you might want to get them we can probably give you some suggestions that will work into your budget. We also have great stocking stuffers ranging from dive watches, no fog, masks, diving apparel, dive lights, underwater cameras, and many more items.

We would like to make Bottom Time more newsworthy so we would like to hear about your diving trips and experiences and would like to pass those on so other divers can share on how great our sport of diving is.  It might be something you found, something unusual you saw, or what might have gone wrong with a dive and what you learned from it, what training you have taken and how it has benefited your diving experience or how it has helped you assist another diver. It could be the highlights of a dive trip you have been on.  It would be great if you could add some pictures. We will not add your name unless you want us to. Just send your article to .

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