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 May 18,2010

 We are ready with the summer kick off with our Super Spring Scuba Sale this Sat. from 9AM to 4PM.  We have a lot of rental gear marked down including BCs and Force Fins.   We need to get these items moved out so we can put new gear in our rental.  We will have BCs starting at $125.00 and up depending on condition. The Force Fins Large Originals retail are $199.00 and we are selling them for $89.00.  The XL Pros. retail for $289.00 and we are selling them for $189.00 while they last.  There will be 20% off on all new items on the day of the sale.  We still have some nice consignment items that we need to move also.  We have a new Luxfer 80 Cu ft. cylinder for sale at $165.00 with boot and valve protector.   We have the Tiger Ray marked down from $595.00 to $350.00 for the day of the sale only.

Lake Seven is running about 8 foot visibility and Lake Six is about 12 foot.  Pickerel Lake is about 12 foot. We would like to hear from divers about lakes in the area so let us know so we can put the information in the newsletter.  Water temperatures have been in the mid 50 degree range but with the warm weather we are having this week we should reach 60+ by the weekend.

There are still openings for the Advanced Diver classroom on the 28 th of May here at the dive center.  For those taking the class the books are here so pick them up when you can so you can have them read before the class.  If you can not pick them up before hand you can get them the night of the class.  Please confirm that you will be attending so we have enough other materials on hand.  For those of you that have not completed your advanced dives from last year lets try and get them done soon.

We are looking for recommendation on good lakes to dive in our area for our weekend discovery dives so give us ideas on where you think it would be a good place to go.

There has already been quite a few interested in our Cozumel trip next winter.  It is too early to know exactly what the price will be but it should be in the $1500.00 dollar range with flight, lodging and diving.  It is an eight day seven night package.  If you would like, you can make payments each month so you do not get hit with one lump sum.  We will be going from Sat. to Sat. the last full week of Jan. so we will be taking advantage of the low season rates.  Please let us know if you would like to join the group for a week of great diving and get away from our chilly Jan. weather. 

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