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        June 2, 2010

We had 5 divers taking the Advanced Classroom last Friday night and we did a deep dive in Little MacDonald on Sat.  It was one of the best dives I have had in a long time. The day was great and we made it to 100 feet and had at least 20 foot visibility.  All the divers thought it was a great dive. We are planning on doing a night dive this Sat. night and for those of you that need your low vis. done we will do that ahead of time.  Contact the dive center if you want to get in on the dives.  We will have another Advanced class coming in June and will post it within the next week.  If we have enough divers interested in doing a deep dive we will head back to Little Mac. to do another deep dive.  The lake works out good to do the deep and Nav. dive.

Students doing open water dives can call and set up the dives anytime.  We still have a couple openings left for the Open water class starting June 8 th so call and get signed up.

We have some rental boots we are letting go at reduced prices that will work good for putting docks in.

Water temps. are near 70 degrees so let get out and dive while the lakes have such great vis.  

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