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 June 21, 2010

We have had strong winds last week and I am sure that is not going to help the visibility.  Winds were at 45+.  The Tri-State Diving crew put in mooring a week ago Wednesday on Big Detroit for a 100 year old 50 foot yacht.  On Sat. the 12th we helped put it in the water and Sunday assisted with its maiden voyage on the lake.  On the 18 th we added two more moorings to help secure it from north winds. The winds we had last week were a test of our mooring system.  We also put in a mooring for a sailboat on Big Detroit Lake .

This Sunday we did a deep dive at Little Mac. We ended with one student going and  making the dive and he made it to 100 feet.

Water temperatures are warming up nicely and thermoclines are starting to move down.

We just finished an open water class of eleven students and will be starting another open water class July 6 th in Detroit Lakes .  The date for the spear fishing class did not work out and we will set up another one shortly.  We have an advanced classroom on July 9 at 6PM so call and get on the list and pick up the manual so you can have it read before the class.

If anyone is interested in any other classes we offer let me know and I will post it and see if we get enough interested.

Join in on our Discovery dives and enjoy some fine diving in the area.

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