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          March 22, 2011

It looks like we are not going to have record high temperatures for the ice diving class this Sat.  Classroom will be at 6:30 here at the dive center on Friday night.  We will leave the dive center at 9:30 to make the dives.  We still have room in the class.  If you do not want to dive stop out and watch. 

The dates for the Apostle Islands Lake Superior trip is set for August 19, 20, and 21.

I need to get rooms reserved within the next two weeks as they fill fast for that time of the year so please let me know if you plan on going on the trip.  Once I have the rooms reserved and I know the number of people going I will be able to put a price for the trip together.

Sea Caves and Cliffs Sandstone caves carved into shoreline cliffs by wave action. Visibility varies due to erosion of clay soils into the lake. Calm conditions necessary for access. Depths: 10 to 25 feet.  We will try and snorkel or dive one during the trip

 Here are videos and information of the wrecks we will be diving:

We are getting some of our steel scuba cylinders that were painted and not galvanized sent off to be zinc plated.  I have done cylinders in the past and this keeps the cylinders rust free and they do not scuff up like painted cylinders.  If you would like to have old scuba cylinders that you own zinc plated let me know and we will send them down when we have ours done.  The cost should be around 10.00 dollars per cylinder if they are stripped to the bare metal and clean. 

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