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January 2, 2012

Here we are into 2012 and this is the first cold day we have had and the temperature is 9 degrees.  I guess it could be 30 below so I am not complaining and it is supposed to start warming up again throughout the week.  This warm weather has kept the Tri-State Diving crew busy as with no snow on the ice and the warm temperatures there has been a number of items going through the ice in the last couple of weeks. Dec. 26 2011 the Tri-State Diving Crew consisting of Ryan Tangan, Tom Erickson , Tyler Erickson, Landon Usher and Seal ventured down to Prairie Lake by Pelican Rapids to remove an ATV.  The owner Bart Krile had to be rescued by the Pelican Rapids fire department when he and his ATV fell through the ice.  When we arrived he was not sure of the exact location as it was dark when he went through the ice.  All he could do was give us a general direction of were he went through the ice.  As we were walking out we could see something the on ice off in the distance.  It was a glove that belonged to his friend that had been with him on another ATV and had dropped it on the ice while waiting to be rescued.  Our fear was that we would have to spend a great deal of time searching for the ATV but this made the job go faster as then we could seen rough ice where he had dropped in.  We had it floating, lifted out, and back to shore in about two hours.

 Here are some pictures of the recovery.

                  Cutting Channel to thicker ice.                     Diver getting into water to hook up the ATV

 Floating ATV in channel to tripod                                                    Lifting ATV out.

This was the second job of the day for the crew of Tri-State Diving.  We were loading to leave to take out an ATV on Prairie Lake by Pelican Rapids when a call came into the dive center to remove two fish houses from Rush Lake south of Perham.  I told them that if the ATV recovery did not take too long we could do it right after finishing that job.  The crew that went on the job was Ryan Tangan, Tom Erickson , Tyler Erickson, Landon Usher, and Seal.  The job went well and was finished in a little over 2 hours.

         Fish house floating and up against each other.                                 First house coming out

 Moving second house in position for lifting                                                   Second house coming out

On Sat. the 31 st of December Ryan Sandvig , Pat Johnston , Pat Bettels , Ryan Usher, and Seal traveled to Forman ND to remove a fish house that was floating in a small lake. We had it out in about 2 hours. There was between 6 and 7 inches of ice on the lake..

Because of the recovery we did not do the ice diving class so we will set it up sometime before ice out this spring. I have a couple of people that want to do Dry suit training so if you are interested let me know and we will get a class set up and we will get into a pool to do the skills part.

I hope you had a good Christmas and have a safe New Year in all your ventures.


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