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April 13, 2012

We still have had no reports of anyone out diving and I know that it is still early but hopefully the weather will be warming up after this weekend so the lakes will continue to warm up.

Tax day is coming up and if you are one of those lucky enough to get a refund we have some nice items to pick from to add to your equipment list or use it to start a scuba class or take more advanced training here at the dive center.

Our rental policy will be changing this year with Zebra mussels now in some of our area diving lakes.  We are still working out the details but we are looking at ways to best prevent the spread of these critters and still being able to protect our equipment and still keeping the cost down.  The DNR has a complete list of infected lakes and we are recommending not diving in these lakes.  We will have a list of these lakes here at the dive center and if someone chooses to dive these lakes we will have to add a cleaning fee on items rented.  We have yet to set that fee until we see what will be the best and easiest method of cleaning the gear. If diving in an infested lake by law you will not be able to travel to another lake to dive until the equipment is thoroughly cleaned.  Every aspect of water recreation is seeing some type of fee for using items on Zebra mussel infested lakes.  We will have an update on this in our next newsletter.  A local group has produced some PSA on Zebra mussels and they can be looked at on YouTube and the underwater footage was shot by me.  There are about twelve of these PSA having to do with all types of water recreation and AIS. The productions were produced by Naturalinnovations and you can click on this link and see all of them.

The Big Boys Toys Expo is two weeks from tomorrow and I need to get a list to the dome of who is going to help so I can get the badges made.  So let me know if you would be willing to spend time in the pool Sat. April 28. 

We have been getting a number of requests for commercial diving this spring and running through this fall and will have pictures for the website as we complete the jobs.

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