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April 30, 2012

The Big Boys Toys Expo went well.  It was not very nice outside so I am sure that helped to bring in more people. It was only a one day show this year.  Last year it went Friday afternoon and evening and we had 41 people try scuba.  This year we had 62 try Scuba.  There was a lot of interest and we had some sign up for class this Friday in West Fargo .  We still have some openings left so let us know if you are interested in taking the class and we can still get you signed up. Thank you to those of you that experienced Scuba and to Tom Judy Justin and Tyler Erickson, Mike LeMoine, Ricky Rasmussen, Ryan Sandvig, and Pat Bettels for helping in the pool.

Under water spearfishing starts tomorrow in Minnesota and the suckers should be running it the lakes.  I know of some good early spawning spots so let me know if you want to go out. Late afternoon is usually the best. Lakes are now in the fifty degree temperatures and hopefully will keep warming up every day.  Things coming up; Super Spring Scuba Sale May 26, Advanced Openwater Diver on June 1 and summer openwater classes starting June 12 in Detroit Lakes MN.

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