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May 9, 2012

Chris Winter and I went spear fishing on Sunday and saw lots of suckers but had trouble getting close to them.  I have never seen them so skittish but the visibility was very good and that might have been the problem.  Water temperature was 51 degrees and had cooled down in the last couple of weeks. Now as it is warming up the lakes should start warming up again. Anyone else been out spearing.  We will be having a spearfishing class starting early in June as we have had a few sign up for the class already.  This is another great way to enjoy some underwater time.

We still have room in the Advanced Diver class on June first so get signed up for a great class.

Our Super Spring Scuba Sale is May 26 and all new merchandize will be 20% off that day.  We will have door prizes and some new models of equipment on display.

Because of the new Zebra Mussels laws having the drain plug being removed whenever the boat is out of the water we will be handling a device that does not have to be removed and even allows drainage of water in the bilge when you are up on plane. The DNR is watching for boats that have the plugs in them and are starting to write tickets so this is a way to help keep you from getting a ticket. Here is a picture of what it looks like. We will have them here at the dive center for sale.

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