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  May 23, 2012

The water is warm enough to start doing checkout dives.  Please can in and get your dives set as we would like to have all checkout dives done before the 20 th of June.  I have openings on Sunday and Monday of this weekend and can be set up to work within your time frame.

The Minnesota Bound episode on Zebra Mussels aired on KARE 11 in the cities on the 14 th of May.  Here is the link to watch the show we are the second segment.  The underwater footage is what I shot. .

Our Super Spring Scuba Sale is this Saturday May 26 th from 9AM to 3PM.  All new equipment will be 20% off during the sale. We will have door prizes and cookies.  We will have the new Diving Concepts dry suit on display. Our summer hours will start this weekend and run through Labor Day weekend.  Sea You on the Bottom

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