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June 6, 2012

Students doing their checkout dives have been having a great time and the water has been warming up.  Those that did the dives on Memorial weekend had a chilly experience as the air temperature was very cool.  There are still a couple that have not done their checkout dives yet so please get in touch with us so we can get them completed.

We have about 5 divers that want to take the spearfishing course so we will have a class within the next couple of weeks.  If interested please respond with some possible dates so we can set the class up where it will work out for you.  The carp are spawning so if you want to get out and spear let me know.

Our June openwater class starts Tuesday the 12 of June and for those that have showed interest please confirm so we can get you sizes for equipment.  Class starts at 6 PM.  If anyone would like to help with the class let me know.

We still have a couple of Demo Ocean Reef Full Face mask with comm. left to sell at a price of $875.00. That is the cost of the communication and you are getting the mask and comm. for the same price.

We will not have Discovery Dives this weekend.  It is my son's wedding so I will not be around for the weekend.

Our next Advanced class will be July 6 th here at the dive center.

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