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June 20, 2012

We finally got rain after a long dry spell.  It rained 2 ½ inches of rain here since yesterday including a little hail.  Lake levels had really been dropping which has been good for some lakes and not for others. I hope this rain does affect the visibility too much.  We are winding down with checkout dives from the spring classes and if you have not finished up please contact us so we can finish the dives so I can get the paper work sent in for the classes. Within the last week we have had 7 divers take the spearfishing class and are eager to get out and try their skill at spearing fish. Chris W found a lake with large Buffalo fish and we will be trying to spear those and we will be venturing out to try to spear gar in the near future. I am looking for a volunteer to go with to take the gar off the spear if I get one. The last batch of suckers we speared I pickled and they really turned out great, so let's get out and spear some more.

Our next Advanced Diver Classroom will be held July 6 th here at the dive center.

Here is a tip for the day. When going out to make a dive learn to make good go/no-go decisions. If you don't feel comfortable, don't go. If you don't want to go deep, don't.

Here is a link to do a DAN Quiz.  See how well you do and let me know.

We just got in two new consignment items; Men's ML SAS 6.5MM wetsuit in good condition for $150.00 and a 100 CF steel tank for $200.00.  We also have many other consignment items including BCs in most sizes.  We have been selling out our rental regulators for $1150.00 and we will reduce the price to $1025.00 for the rest of the month of June or till we sell them out. We have four left to go at that price.  New the Oasis regulator, Wisdom computer/compass and Shadow Plus setup sells for about $1600.00 dollars so this is a great savings.

Let's get out and enjoy our summer diving as today is the first day of summer.

We are putting the final touches on our mystery trip and it looks like it will be between $1600.00 and $1700.00 per person for a great week of diving and touring. Get in touch if you would like more details on the trip.

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