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June 30, 2012

This is usually one of our busiest weeks of the season coming up over the fourth so try and reserve your gear early but with the amount of rental gear we have we always seem to have enough to go around.

Here is the tip for the week. Keep a log. It's an invaluable tool whether you have 5 or 500 dives. It's not only a living record of your experiences; it's also a place to keep track of your weighting, gas consumption and gear. Having a reference gives you quick information for planning a dive, getting your weighting right and noting when equipment needs to be serviced.

Our next Advanced class still has some openings left and it is on July 6 th at 6:30 here at the dive center. After that night I would like to start finishing up those that did not complete their dives last year and do those from this summer's class.

Rick Schmidt sent the video of a trip to Lake Michigan.  A great video Rick.

We are looking for any spearfishing reports in the area and also what you have for visibility you have had in the area lakes you have been diving in.

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