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                July 25, 2012

We are planning on spearfishing this Thursday so if interested in finishing out the class or wanting to go along and spear let me know. 

Rick Schmidt put together a video for the recovery of the boat on Pelican Lake.  Here is the link to watch the video.

Everything is finalized for the Mystery trip and the price for came out to 1961.00 Canadian so it will be a little less American.  The trip goes from Jan 22 to Jan. 30h based out of Mpls.  I do need deposits as soon as possible and will send out full details on request for the trip. 

Next week July 29 through Aug. 4 we will give the second tank free on a rental package if you tell us you saw this in Bottom Time.

Tip for the week;   Struggling to get down? Focus your gaze below you, breath out slowly and imagine you are getting heavier as the air leaves your lungs. Before you know it, you will be 5 meters down. This also works if you feel “floaty” during a dive.

No one has brought in any Medallions yet this year and there are at least 30 left in these area lakes; Pickerel Lake, Lake Six, Lake Seven, Big Cornmorant Lake, and Long Lake by the airport.  Find one, bring it in, and get a prize.  Tri-State Diving and a number is on each one.  The number corresponds to a prize.

Now until the end of the July we will take 100 dollars off the rental Sherwood Oasis regulator/Sherwood/Wisdom computer console/Sherwood Shadow Plus package which makes a price of $1058.00.  The Wisdom console alone retails for $900.00. We have four left of these to sell with full warranties.
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