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     August 6, 2012

It is all ready August but there is still a lot of dive season left. 

Surface water temperatures are still in the mid to high seventies in area lakes. Spearfishing has been good and those of you that need to finish your spearfishing class please contact us so we can get you out diving.  Saturday afternoon Mike LeMoine went along as Rick Schmidt and Seal speared six suckers on Pickerel Lake. Our last open water class for the summer is Aug. 13, 16, 21, and 23 in Detroit Lakes.  We still have some openings for the class.  We are still doing private classes throughout the rest of the summer also.

Tip of the week: Don't be fooled by a “full-tank” pressure gauge reading. With your gear on, take three breaths off your regulator while watching your gauge. If the needle does not move from the full position, your air is on. If the needle drops down and bounces back up, your air is not on all the way. If the needle drops, then drops and drops again, your air was on but now is off.

To look at some neat fish video go to click on Photo Gallery and then click on Fresh Water Diving and click on the upper left hand picture.

We are always looking for new lakes to dive in so send us your recommendations for lakes that you like to dive.  Four of us went up and did some diving in Big Elbow Lake yesterday and here is a picture of the dive.

Who is the diver?


Big Elbow is an interesting lake to dive because of all the logging history of the area.  The lake also has lots of structure and fairly good visibility. 

A 51 year old experienced scuba diver drowned on Lake Seven last Saturday afternoon and we are waiting to hear more information on what had happened. This is a reminder that we always need to dive as safely as possible and remember that we are spending time where we are not naturally meant to be.  
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