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August 8, 2012

If anyone is interested in doing their advanced dives this weekend let me know as we can do the low vis. and night dive on Friday evening.

If we get enough interest we will do a North Shore Lake Superior trip the weekend after Labor Day.  Let me know if you would like to go or need more information.

Here is an update on the loss of the diver on Lake Seven.

Remembering Firefighter Jim Reardon   (Posted 8/6/2012 13:57)

It is with deep regret that I advise you of the Line of Duty Death of our fellow Firefighter Jim Reardon. I received the following information from our Chief, Darrell Graf and will share it with you here,
"It is with deepest sorrow I inform you of the loss of one of our team members at approximately 4:30 Saturday afternoon. Firefighter/Photographer Jim Reardon and I were on an exploratory dive starting at about 3:45 pm to pre-plan diving for interested team members on the weekend of August 18th.
After a short time of diving, Jim and I somehow got separated, and I started looking for his bubbles on the surface of the lake, and after finding none, returned to the dock. While en route, I found one of Jim's fins (flippers) and tried for about 15 minutes to find his location. With ripples on the water, it was extremely difficult to find bubbles, and began to look with binoculars and continued to search the lake – presuming Jim was probably videoing underwater, but becoming highly concerned. A few minutes later, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Enslin showed up with a boat, and I explained the situation, and they offered to have me come aboard and search. After 10-15 minutes, I asked to go back to the dock, and while approaching the dock, in about 8' of water about 30' from the dock, Jim lied face up in the lake. This was “Lake 7”, a premier western Minnesota diving spot located near the city of Frazee, MN.
Jim had been to that lake on dives probably 25 times, as well as several other places. We were checking that renowned dive lake to conduct the pre-drill survey for a team dive, and had one lake other we were going to check on this morning.
I (along with his wife and responding rescuer's) presume Jim had a heart attack or some other medical issue arise, as ALL equipment was in proper working order, and he had about 2/3 of his air left. The mask was in place, the buoyancy compensator worked excellent, as I used that to raise him from the bottom of the lake, and dragged him the short distance to shore. Although some efforts were made to revive him, it was clear to me upon first sight of Jim there was not chance. An investigation continues by the Ottertail County Sheriffs Department and Ottertail County Coroner on this matter.
I have been in contact with the family this morning, and we can expect to know probably Monday what the funeral arrangements are.
I will then pass the funeral arrangements on to all members as soon as I know them.  Jim has been a lifelong friend of mine and joined up with us in April, 2010. Many of you met Jim on the April 2010 Superior Wisconsin Marine Fire Training program. Jim leaves behind his wife, Michelle and four children, Cole, Taylor, Paige and Clare.  
I will have follow – up information sent to you as soon as I receive it. 

Chief Darrell Graf

0358 AM August 5, 2012."

UPDATE: (8/6/2012 16:38)

The wife of Deceased vol. Firefighter Jim Reardon has made contact, and indicated  Jim's death was caused by a heart attack . Jim's lungs were dry, indicating this was not a drowning.
This was instant, Jim had NO PAIN, and had this happened on shore and witnessed, it was the type of an attack that even an AED would have been on hand, he would not have survived
Wake - St Michaels Church  Buckman, MN  Friday, Aug 10 from 4 - 8 PM
Funeral - St. Michaels Church, Buckman MN Saturday, Aug 11 at 11:00 AM

Jim Reardon Memorials can be sent to Wells Fargo Bank,
Jim Reardon Memorial Fund
c/o Wells Fargo Bank
P.O. Box 5502
Bismarck, ND 58506-5502
Also there may be possible bus transportation to his funeral if there is a large interest in going. Please contact either Chief Graf or myself if you have questions or want to go.
Lt. Coltyn J. Blotske
Public Information Officer
Fire Academy of North Dakota

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