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August 13, 2012

We still have openings for the north shore Lake Superior trip the 7 th , 8 th , and 9 th of September.  This is a great trip and we will dive three to four wrecks.

I borrowed the Dry Suit manual out to someone and I need it back as I have another person that needs to take the class.  Please bring it back as soon as possible.

I have two people that want to take the advanced class and would like to have a couple of more to run the class.  Lakes have been clearing up and we still have a lot of diving season left.

Tip of the week: To perform a buoyancy check at the surface, get all the air out of your BC by leaning back slightly while upright in the water, holding your inflator hose as high above you as possible, cross your fins, and hold a normal breath. While doing this, you should float at eye level, so that only when you exhale all the air from your lungs do you sink. If you sink while holding a normal breath of air, you are wearing too much weight. As I have stated in the past the majority of divers that I have taken out on the boat that were not trained by us are diving from 40 to 70% over weight.  This is not safe diving.

We just got two steel 72 cuft tanks in that have just had a current hydro and visual and we are selling them for $85.00 a piece.  We also still have the 100 cuft Faber steel tank and that one is selling for $195.00. 

We have a class of 10 starting tonight and this will be the last class of the summer not including private classes.

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