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November 1, 2012

With the snow we got last weekend I think winter is here even though it all melted away.  I am getting down to the wire for the Blackbirds Caye Resort trip the last week of Jan. and the first week of Feb.  I was there 12 years ago with a group and as the reviews say it has excellent diving and great food.  For those of you that have not gotten in touch with me we do still need two more to make the trip go.  Please let me know within the next couple of days so I can make final arrangements.

Jim Grier sent me an email and I am passing it along.  It is very interesting video.

Hi All,

I just returned from an underwater memorial service for a scuba diving buddy who died from a heart attack on the dive boat last January, following a dive that we had just completed. His ashes were formed and cemented into the shape of a starfish, which was placed at a site designed for such things a ways out in the ocean, out from Miami, Florida.

Another long-time dive buddy went along and made a video of the trip. I was telling some of you about it and several persons asked to get the link to the video. Others might also be interested. So here's the link:    password: craig

Its 5 minutes and 45 seconds long. The first two minutes are on shore of persons who were there, so feel free to drag the indicator at the bottom of the viewing screen past that if you want to just see the underwater part. Also, it's in HD. Depending on your computer, the HD might slow down the loading and make it jerky. If that happens, mouse down toward the bottom right of the picture and click on the "HD" to turn it off, which should help it load faster.

It has music added. Feel free to post or pass this, including the link and password, on to others if you want. (It says "private" but it's been made public, so okay to forward or post.)

We also did several other dives over a period of 4 days, including on wrecks, with sharks, etc., but none of that is included in the present video.


Ryan Sandvig was diving while he was in Honolulu Hawaii and emailed some pictures. Ryan did both snorkeling and scuba right by Pearl Harbor.  He stated the fish life and colors were not as good as Cozumel.

He said that he spent about 10 minutes diving with the Eagle Ray.

                Yellowmargin Moray Eel                                                               Honeycomb Toby                                                       Spotted Eagle Ray


I have two people that want to take part one scuba class as they are traveling to the ocean this winter.  If you know of anyone else interested please let me know and I will include them in the class.

I still have three rental Sherwood Oasis regulator Wisdom computers for sale and when they are gone I will not be selling any for awhile.  Sherwood has changed their first stage and does not configure the same as the old ones so this is a good chance to get what's left of the old style.

We have been real happy with the Diving Concepts dry suits and if you are interested in looking at or purchasing one stop in and take a look at them.  I do have a video that explains the concept of dry suits, types of material and training in how to use one. We are planning on making a dry suit dive sometime next week so let me know if you are interested.

In a couple of weeks I leave for DEMA (the dive industry show) to see what is new in equipment and look at new places to travel to warm destinations for winter diving.

We are in winter hours so make sure you call before coming out.

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