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November 19, 2012
The warm weather we've been having has sure been nice. A lot of the big lakes that were frozen over have opened up again with this warm weather we have had this last week. On November 8 three of us made a dive in Pickerel Lake, the water temperature was 45° and the visibility was less than 3 feet. I
figure the lake must be in turnover.
Last week Rick Schmidt and I spent four days in Las Vegas at DEMA (diving equipment and manufacturing association) show. It was a great show with a lot of new scuba product to see. One of the newest items at the show was a dive computer by a company named Liquivision. The new model they will have coming out is called the LNYX. Is an air integrated dive computer that allows up to three gases (air and nitrox 21-100%). Dive planner and diet simulator. Dive logging. Visual indicators of air time remaining. Monitor air supply and location of up to 10 divers within 330 feet. Find your way back to the boat. Receive messages from the boat operator. Computer connectivity PC or Mac. Readable full-color OLED display. Tap-based menu navigation. Monitors air supply and location of up to 10 divers. User changeable battery. Wrist-fitting shape. Ceramic pressure sensor. 660 feet depth rating. Choice of screen colors and layouts. The boat kit includes; a transducer that is placed in the water. This allows the diver to mark the location of the boat, Mark a meeting point for you and your team, marked edges to a cave or a wreck. Allows the boat person to communicate with the divers by sending text messages from the boat to the divers, monitors the divers tank pressure and location from the boat within 330 feet, Mark the location of the boat so the divers can find the boat within 330 foot range. Here is the website so you can look at more information on the computer. We are seriously looking at handling this item.
Another item that we looked at is also made in Canada. It is called the DEEP TREKKER ROV. A DTG2 is a fully portable and maneuverable underwater exploration system with a composite video feed. The cast aluminum body encases a 360° center window allowing for an unprecedented field of view. Here's the website to see more on what this has to
We also attended a number of seminars on equipment, equipment servicing, and travel destinations. I also attended 3 DAN seminars. The first workshop I attended was the deep end of diving research: innovations and limitations. This talk was on diving after flying and decompression sickness. The second workshop was on Sudafed, Viagra and oxygen toxicity. The third talk was on thermal stress and protection. All three workshops were very informative and I will have more detail on these in a future newsletter.

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