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November 30, 2012

It is the last day of November and we are supposed to be close to forty today and even warmer tomorrow.  Most lakes have at least 3 of ice and some have up to 7 of ice.

Chris Winter was in Mexico over Thanksgiving weekend and did some Lion Fish spear fishing.  He speared 3 and this is a picture of the two bigger ones he shot.  He was diving at about 100 feet when he speared them. The dive staff ate them.


This is an email I got from Keith one of my company reps. He asked me to post this.

A couple of weeks ago a couple of divers killed a Giant Pacific Octopus (that was carrying eggs) from a popular dive site in Seattle.  The divers in the territory are outraged and trying to make the area a marine sanctuary, and trying to protect their dive sites from this ever happening again. Here is an article of what happened:

Here is the Dive News Network petition to sign in support of protecting the octopus:

If you have an extra minute today, please sign the petition.  I want to see the Giant Pacific Octopus one day soon and have a deep respect for Octopus as I have experienced them in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

We need to stick together on issues such as this to protect the future of our sport, and the integrity of our Dive sites.  This is our responsibility to make happen.



I can see both sides of the issue and after reading the article I can see both sides of view so I will leave it up to you on wither or not to sign this petition.


Ocean Reef is giving everyone that has purchased an Ocean Reef NIRA full face mask to upgrade to either a recreational G diver or a commercial Neptune Space and they will give you $200.00 dollars towards the purchase for your NIRA mask.  The new generation masks have a much higher flow rate and easier to breath from.  It is well worth the upgrade.  To upgrade to a recreational G diver masks we will do it for $375.00 with new surface air valve.  This includes a $67.00 dollars additional off in the price that we are including. To upgrade to a Neptune Space will be $575.00.  This includes a $100.00 dollars additional off in the price that we are including.  We will strip down your mask (remove strap, air fittings, and comm. system) and put the air fittings and comm. system on your new mask and you will have a spare strap. I have sent in all my training masks to upgrade to the G diver system. If interested let me know so I can get them from you. I have had one brought in so far and I would like to send in a bunch at a time to save on freight.

Keep that diver in mind when shopping for Christmas.  We will work with you to get them the idea gift.  We do have gift certificates if you are not sure what to get them.

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