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February 10, 2012

Here it is February and we are getting some cold weather.  The group returned from FIJI on Monday and it was a great trip.  The resort was great and the diving fun as the group got to see a lot of critters that we do not see in the Caribbean .  Those going on the trip were Kevin Haroldson, Judy Haroldson, Rick Schmidt , Liz Schmidt, Charles Blixt , Elaine Blixt, Edwin Koestler, Carmen Koestler, Tom Erickson , Judy Erickson , Justin Erickson, Tyler Erickson, and Seal. It was the rainy season and it rained 24/7.  It was a light rain and it was warm so we did not suffer to bad.  The dive crew was great and the food was excellent.  I will add some pictures to the newsletter when the group sends me some.

While we were gone Ryan Tangan, Pat Johnston , and Keith Heinlein took out a pickup on the Sand bar between Big and Little Detroit Lakes. After they got it out he was able to drive it off the lake.

On February 8 th Ryan Tangan, Pat Johnston , Keith Heinlein, and Seal were on Little Pine recovering a 2012 Jeep Cherokee than ended up submerged in about 10 foot of water.  The vehicle was only 3 months old.  Here is the owner's account of what happened.




 I don't know how many of you heard our recent news. 

 On Friday, I was following Craig out to his ice fishing house through thick fog so he could show me where it was.  On the way back in to shore, Craig got disoriented in the fog, and put his brand new F-150 into open water.  He took off his jacket and boots, jumped in the water, swam to more solid ice, rolled on to the ice, and walked 1/2 mile barefoot and with no jacket until a buddy of mine picked him and drove him home.  If some things had gone worse, (Hypothermia from the walk, or not being able to get out of the water) he would not be with us.    

After Craig was safe in his house, my buddy, our kids, and I went and spent the night in the ice house.  Saturday morning I went in for coffee and donuts.  On the way in my Jeep hit a soft patch of ice and went through.  After banging my head on the steering wheel, I opened the window and climbed on to the hood before it sank.  I belly flopped on to the ice (not wanting all the force of my athletic build to hit the ice at once).  I walked back to the fish house, and the Jeep submerged below the ice.   If some things had gone worse, (unconscious from the collision) I would not be with you.  

Saturday they pulled Craig's truck out of the lake, and today they pulled my car out of the lake.  Insurance covers it.  It is unheard of for two cars to go in the same lake in the same year, much less within 12 hours of each other, and much less by two brothers. 

Both Craig and I are wishing to put this behind us, and are not looking for sympathy or notoriety, but as family members, I thought you should know. 

 My ice fishing season is over for the year.

Brian Swanson

It will not be long and we will be starting to teach classes so if you know of someone that has an interest in becoming a diver tell to get in touch for more information. 

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