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February 16, 2012

It is the middle of February and after the cold snap we had last week it looks like it will be warming up for the Boys and Girls club Polar Fest Plunge in DL and the Plunge in Hiterdahl this Sat.  Last Saturday it was a cold day for the Polar jump in Perham for the Kinship club.

Yesterday Chris Lee , Pat Johnston , Keith Heinlein, and Seal recovered a minivan from about 12 of water in Buchanan Lake near Ottertail City in Ottertail Co. This is the first time we have had one that was almost totally on its side and it added some adjustments so as not to do damage when we were bringing it up.  They had to break a window out with a hand ice auger to get out of the vehicle as it was sinking.  Both had to swim to solid ice and then walk to a house on shore to get warmed and call for help.  Watch for pictures to follow in a future newsletter.

February 25 is the date for the Upper Midwest Scuba and Adventure Travel Show.  I was unable to attend it last year but will be going this year.  If you have any interest in scuba it is an excellent show to attend.  It will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel off 694.  Here is the website to get more information on the show .  They have some great speakers lined up for this years show

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