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April 9, 2013

The calendar shows that it is spring but it does not look like it outside.  It looks like we will have a late spring sucker run for spearfishing this year. 

We had a good day for the ice dive on Sunday with very little wind and mild temperatures.  There was 33 inches of clear ice with no honeycomb. We did not have the 100 foot visibility that a group had at the beginning of March but we still had at least 50 foot of visibility. The two students Erik Lind and Pat Bettels had a great time and did a good job. I would like to thank Ryan Tangan for helping to take the students down and Mark Wohlert, Karl Biederman, Cattie Laswell, and Jay Jensen for tending. Here are some pictures from Karl on the dive.

Matt placing video camera on Ryan                Erik waiting his turn to make his second dive        Erik getting into the water                                Pat getting geared up



Here is a link to look at a short video of the dive put together by Matt Thompson.

Ryan did an excellent job of taking the video we will to use him in the future to take video.  As you can see in the video Ryan was recovering a camera so he even got a recovery dive in.

I am still short a couple of students to run the West Fargo class and I need to let the school know within a couple of days if I will have enough to run the class.  So let me know if you have anyone who might be interested in taking the class.

Here is the dive tip for the week on how to save air; 1. Fix the small leaks
Even a tiny stream of bubbles from an O-ring or an inflator swivel adds up over 40 minutes, and may be a sign of more serious trouble ahead anyway. A mask that doesn't seal is another kind of leak in that you have to constantly blow air into it to clear out the water. It's also a source of stress, which needlessly elevates your breathing rate and thereby reduces your breathing efficiency. Does your octo free-flow easily? That can dump a lot of air quickly. Detune it or mount it carefully so the mouthpiece points downward.

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