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April 29, 2013

It is the 29 th of April and we finally have spring.   The ice dive is still on at this point and I will check out the lake towards the end of the week to make sure we can still make the dives.  Instead of having the classroom on Friday night we will have it on Saturday morning at 8 AM so those that are coming from a distance will not have to make two trips.  We will leave the dive center around 10AM to go to Pickerel Lake to dive. Depending on how many that show up we might do two to three holes.  I have heard from quite a few that are coming and if you are still interested please get in touch so we put you on the list. Unless taking the class there is no charge to go along and make the dives.
The last newsletter I put in the wrong date for the SUPER SPRING SCUBA SALE.  It is supposed to be May 12 th starting at 9AM and going to 3PM.  Our first Spearfishing classroom is Friday May 17 th at 6:30PM.  Still have two openings left for the ND spearfishing trip in August. 
Tip of the week for saving air.  Swim Slowly
The energy cost of speed is even more than you might think:  Swim half as fast as you do now, and you'll use less air.

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