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June 4, 2013

Everyone has been waiting for the weather to warm up to go diving.  Lakes are still running on the cool side.  It is just getting into the low sixties surface temperatures in area lakes. 
Students can call in and set up checkout dives.  We will start doing them next week. 
Our next scuba class starts next Tuesday the 11 th in Detroit Lakes.  If interested give us a call.
Our first advanced open water diving classroom of the summer is this Friday starting at 6:30 PM here at the dive center.  I have one signed up so far and need a couple of more to run the class.  Let me know if you have talked to me about it so I can make sure you on the list.
On the 14 th of June will be our next spear fishing class here at the dive center.
I am still looking for more help to work at the dive center this summer. Let me know if you know of someone looking for a summer job.
The Tri-State Diving Crew was hired by Beltrami County to cut pilings that were part of a railroad trestle that crossed the Mississippi River running out of Lake Irving into Lake Bemidji.  On May 23 four of us traveled to Bemidji to cut 63 pilings.  We cut them at an average depth of 12 feet below the surface.  They had been cut years ago just under the water line and were a hazard to boats traveling from Lake Irving to Lake Bemidji.  About 35% of the pilings floated after being cut and the remainder sank to the bottom. The sheriff's department used their boats to tow them to back to the public access.  Here are a couple of pictures of the job.
This shows Tom with one of the floating pilings waiting for the boat to come and haul it away.


This shows some of the pilings that were hauled back to the access.

On June 10 th starting at 5 PM Lake Five Resort is hosting an Open Barn and the public is welcome to attend.  The barn has been remodeled and is set up for weddings and banquets and they are showing it off to the public. Tri-State Diving will have a booth there along with others.  Here is a flyer on the event.

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