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February 13, 2013

Winter is here for sure.  I spent the last two days cleaning out the driveways so I could get out.  We had at least 16 inches of snow and when we were on the trip to Belize we had about 14 inches of snow here and we are supposed to get 2 to three inches of snow tonight.

Everyone had a great time and good diving at Blackbirds Caye Resort.  I will post some dive pictures in the future. Here is a group picture of the group.

This Saturday is the Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes Polar Fest Plunge and the Tri-State Diving crew will be cutting the hole and in the water to help jumpers get out. We will also have a crew in Hitterdal for a Polar Plunge. Last weekend we were in Perham for the Kinship Polar Jump. 

On January 20 th four Tri-State Diving Crew recovered a PU that went in on the sandbar between Big and Little Detroit.  The call came in at 11:30 AM and we had the crew together and the vehicle out by 4:30 PM.

It was about 20 below wind chill and we had to use two pickups to tow the vehicle back to shore as the wheels were frozen and would not turn.

Determining the best way to remove                Cutting ice around the PU                                                                Removing the ice chunks


  Setting up the SUVE                                                                        Vehicle coming out                                                     Almost out



The 23 of February is the Upper Midwest Scuba and Adventure Travel Show in the Twin Cities.  Here is a link to find out what is at the show.   I have attended the show in the past and it is well worth the trip.

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