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August 21, 2013

Weather went from cool for a couple of weeks to hot now.  Pickerel Lake has some of the best visibility I have seen in the last few years.  It has the clearest vis. of lakes in the whole area.

The spearfishing trip to Lake Sakakawea this last weekend was great.  Five of us spent 3 days spear fishing the big lake and did well for our first trip.  Everyone saw walleyes and the visibility was 20 to 25 feet where the carp were not working the bottom and then it could down to five feet.  We speared walleyes and pike and some rough fish. There was an underwater wrestling match with a big northern and the northern won. I will be posting some pictures in a future Bottom Time. Weather was great the whole weekend with very little wind.  Next year we will be staying closer to where we saw the most fish. Everyone on the trip was looking forward to the trip next year.

I just got in three used AL cylinders and we have them priced at $85.00, $105.00 and $120.00.  I have had a lot of request for used tanks so I am sure they will not be here very long.  Let me know if you are interested in one or all of them.


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