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August 30, 2013

The weather has been great and the lakes have had good visibility for the most part.  The crew has been busy the last couple of weeks doing work in the area.

We have made two trips to Big Cornmorant Lake to try and find an engagement ring and plan on looking some more.  On August 23 Ryan Tangen and I traveled to Long Lake by Park Rapids and cut 20 some stumps underwater that were a hazard to navigation for a cabin owner on the lake.  He purchased the property in July and had limited access onto the lake and needed the area widened.  Here is a link to a video to watch the job.

Here are some pictures of the Spearfishing trip.

     Jay with his trophy                                                                                                            


Shows vanes of coal


   Government Bay wash outs and cliff swallows holes                                                                                                          


Government Bay Washouts for high water

I still have the three used AL cylinders and we have them priced at $85.00, $105.00 and $120.00. 

Our winter hours start Monday which means you need to call to see if I am here as I am not staffing anyone after Sunday.

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