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September 15, 2013

We still have some used dive tanks for sale. An Al 80 for sale and the price is $85.00. There are also two Steel tanks, one a PST 80 $225.00 and the other on an X Scuba 85 at $250.00.  These two steel tanks should sell fast at these prices.   We also have two used dry suits that have been brought in on consignment; one is a large neoprene and the owner needs to sell it soon, so he has reduced the price on it asking $325.00. It is in very good condition.  The second one is also a neoprene suit and has been pressured tested and is in excellent condition.  This suit is also neoprene and is XL and the asking price is $495.00.  Both suits are priced to sell. We still have 3 store rentals Sherwood Oasis-Shadow Plus set up with a Sherwood Wisdom Computer/compass for sale.  We are asking $1100.00 dollars for these.  Retail is about $1675.00 for the setup so this is a great price with a $575.00 savings.  The computer/compass new is $875.00 so this makes the combo a great price.  We can set a layaway plan for these regulators.

Jim Grier sent me an email and stated that he was diving with some friends in Florida.  Jim was watching the others spearing fish and the sharks were taking them away.  I guess that would make me nervous about spearing fish in certain areas of the ocean.  Here is his email and video.

Here's the bull shark video I was telling you about. The sharks take the fish off the spears toward the end of it. As you can see, much of the time they were just milling around (in an area that they naturally congregate in, whether there are divers and spearfishing or not). 

The video was taken about a week before I joined my friends (who were also in this video) at the same place. When we were there, there were more sharks and they were homing in on the fish more than in this video. Despite my apprehensions before doing the dive, I saw that there was no problem for us as divers, as soon as I we got in the water with them, and never felt in any danger at any time. The sharks were only attracted to the fish (and video camera ... apparently attracted to electrical signals produced when the camera was running).

Anyway, here's the video:



The winter trip to Curacao is coming together; I am still working on a few minor details as this will be the first time to this destination and I want to make sure everything is set up right.  Meals will not be included in this package and I will have an approximate price of what breakfast, lunch and dinner will run by the first of the week.  Price should be comparable to Cozumel if not cheaper.  As soon as everything is priced out I will get the information out in the Bottom Time.  If you are interested in maybe going on the trip let me know so I can make sure we will have enough accommodations. 

There are still divers enjoying the nice weather and Pickerel Lake still has good visibility.  On the spear fishing dive on Big Cornmorant Lake I got some underwater video of me spearing some Carp.  I had trouble with all the fish already on the stringer trying to get this one on the stringer. The next one that I shoot if you look closely you can see it on the video just before I shoot. Here is a link to the video.

I am running an Advanced Classroom this Wed. evening Sept. 18 th at 5:30 here at the dive center so if interested give me a call as we still have some openings.

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