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October 9, 2013

Here it is the ninth of October and no frost.  The lakes are still warm for this time of the year.  We are having a dry suit training class this Sunday classroom starting at 9:30 here at the dive center.  After that we will make a training dive in Pickerel Lake.  Fees for the class are $75.00 which includes training, dry suit use and certification, but does not include any other equipment. Please contact us if you are interested.

My website and email address have been down for over a month and it is supposed to be up and running sometime today.  If you would like here is another address to get in contact with us.

Still looking at some different sites to travel for this winters trip.  Cozumel is still one possibility and I am also looking at St Thomas if I can get some good rates.  Will keep everyone posted.

I have some traveling to Scuba Club Jan. 3 rd through the 10 th so if you are interested in doing this trip let me know.  At this point it depends if I get another trip going on whither I travel on this trip.

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