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December 7, 2013

Lakes are making ice but still be careful if venturing out onto it as there are still spots that are not safe.  A pickup went through on one of our area lakes.  The driver got out safe but his dog would not come out and ended up going down with the vehicle.
We now have a Sherwood Amphos Air dive computer in so if you would like to learn more about them stop in and we will show you all the great features of this new dive computer.  Here is a link to watch on some of the basic features on how it works.  One feature that I like is that you can monitor two systems at the same time so you can get track your air plus if you switch over to a RBS you will know how you are doing on that cylinder.   Some of the other features it has is you can program in up to 100% O2 and you can program the computer to be more conservative.  It can also be downloaded to your phone with a special App.
Between now and Christmas we are offering to all students the same discount on snorkeling gear that we offered you when you took the scuba class.  The package includes booties free and 10% off on any mask, snorkel, and Force Fins.  We still have the used Ocean Reef Full Face mask with comm. and the owner has it at a great price so please let us know if you are interested. Also we have a couple of used dry suits that were brought in for sale and the owners really need to get them sold.
My son sent me a You Tube video that I am passing along because of the fact on how this video gives underwater spear fishing a bad name and how he is being a bad example for his son. It is called Scuba Failure at 80 Feet. If you look at the comments below the video you will see that there are a lot of people that think this person should not be diving.
Here is a video that was on Face Book that really shows the spirit of the season so I thought I would pass on to all you divers.     It is well worth watching.

This next summer Tri-State Diving will be involved in a couple of underwater archeological projects in Minnesota.  There will be more details to come once we get closer to the time we will be working on the projects.


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