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February 21, 2013

We are looking at doing an ice dive either March 9 th or 16 th and I am waiting till we get a little closer to the dates to see what the weather conditions look the best and when it works out when most divers can join us.  So if interested let me know which date will work out best for you.  For those that would like to do dry suit training we will do that on March 2 nd at 10:00.  Classroom for the ice diving class will be the night before the dives.

I just found out there will be no Big Boys Toys Expo this year. We will have a pool set up at the sports show in DL on March 23 and 24 for anyone that would like to try scuba and if you would like to help in the pool let me know.

Last year our group trip was to Beqa Lagoon Resort in Fiji.  One of the highlights of the trip was two shark dives.  Fiji is trying hard to protect their shark population.  Here is link of the dive site and what they are doing for shark conservation.

Here are some pictures by Rick Schmidt from our trip to Belize last month.  I will post more pictures in the next Bottom Time. The weather was great and the diving was excellent.  There was a resident Crocodile at the resort and he would come most evenings and feed on the remains of the fish that were cleaned on the pier.  He was at least 10 feet long and only had one eye.  I am waiting for some pictures or short video from anyone on the trip so I can put it in the newsletter.

                              Grey Angel                                                                                                                                Turtle



Lion Fish                                                                                                         Stringer of Lion Fish for supper



Classes will be starting soon so get your friends to sign up so you will have another diving buddy.

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