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March 19, 2013

The ice dive last weekend was canceled because of the storm and the lake was flooded bad.  Chris Winter and I went over to Pickerel Lake Friday afternoon and tried to clear the snow off the ice and found out the lake was flooded with about 4 inches of water.  The ice dive will now be set for Sunday April 7 th leaving the dive center at 9 AM.  The classroom will be Friday April 5 th at 6:30 at the dive center.  Please let us know if you want to attend.  Hopefully the visibility will still be 100 feet.

This weekend is the sport show in DL and we still need some more help in the pool on Saturday and Sunday.  If you want to spend some time in the pool either day let me know and I will put you down for a time.  Saturday starts at 10 and Sunday starts at 11.

Spring classes are filling and we are looking for students for the West Fargo Class. Let me know if you know of someone interested. Our first class starts March 27 in Fergus Falls and you can help with the class let me know as we have six signed up so far.  The DL class has five signed up so far and that class starts April 1 st .

We already have four signed up for the spearfishing trip to Lake Sakakawea in August and we still have room for a couple of more.  Once I know how many are going we will be able to figure out the price per person as we will be dividing out the expenses.  Most species of game fish can be speared.

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