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January 29, 2014

Is anyone getting tired of winter besides me?  I hope it starts warming up soon as we have two polar plunges to set up for starting on the 8 th of February. 

We lucked out having Friday last week as warm as it was and took advantage of it to recover a pickup that had broke through the ice in the channel between Pelican Lake and Fish Lake.  Ben Shane who lives on the lake took some great video and pictures of the job.  Here is a link to watch the video of the job.    It took us about 4 hours and we had the vehicle back to shore.  I had to have Keith H plow a road out to the job site as there was too much snow to get the trailer out to the site.  While we waited for him to get to the lake we loaded the saw and some other tools on the 4 wheeler and went out to the site and cut the hole so by the time the road was plowed and the trailer was there we were about ready to take the vehicle out. Those on the job were Karl B, Ryan S, Larry Olson, and Seal.  Temperatures were up in the high thirties but it was windy and snowing hard.

Just a reminder that we will be at the boat show in March at the dome and need some help letting people try scuba.  We will be in a different part of the dome this year so I will have to see which way we will be coming in with the gear. 

Classes are set up for spring in Detroit Lakes and Thief River Falls.  Go to the website to see the dates.

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