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October 13, 2014

We are into October and as a whole the weather has been fairly good.  Water temperatures are still in the fifties and some of the lakes still have some good visibility.  There are still a few brave souls out diving.
There are still openings for Cozumel Jan. 2 nd through the 9 th.  The land package is $937.00 and the airfare dropped 60 dollars to $570.00.  The land package is locked in for price but the air can change from day to day.  We would enjoy having you on the great trip so call to sign up.  If you want to stay somewhere else on the island you can still dive with us that week and just pay for the dive package.

Tri-State Diving has been busy with the commercial diving this fall.  Here are two links to watch videos of a job we did on the Red Lake River in Thief River Falls.   The first video shows recovering a piling clamp that became detached from the boring machine when bolts broke.  The part above where the piece is being brought up is the part that dropped in about a week later that I had to go back up to recover and that is what the second video shows.
In August we were hired to cut and haul a big Cottonwood tree that had fallen into Cormorant Lake. The tree was estimated to be over 40 feet tall. Carrs Tree Service plans were to wait till winter and take it out on the ice but the tree did not wait and tipped into the lake. It took 5 trips to get all the sections hauled to the access on the north end of the lake where Carrs Tree Service cut into smaller sections and loaded the tree on a truck.

This shows the tree looking North                                                                              Shows view of tree looking South                                                                                     Towing part of tree about a mile to the public access


  Towing the trunk of the tree                                                                                                 Pat positioning the trunk to be lifted out                                          Carrs Tree Service cutting the tree into smaller sections for loading



Video of cutting tree from the stump at shore by one of Carrs Tree Service.


In October I recovered a wedding ring in Lake Sallie. 


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