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November 4, 2014

There are still a couple of openings left for the Cozumel trip in Jan. and we would enjoy having you join the group.  Water is cooling down but the visibility is still good on most of area lakes. 

I have some interested in taking a Nitrox class so I will be offering one Nov.10 th at 6:30 here at the dive center.  Give me a call at 218-847-4868 if you would like to get in the class.

October 18 three of us traveled to Glencoe MN to cut H beam bridge pilings.  Visibility was about two feet with very little current so the job went well. I had to cut eight pilings. The hoses were long enough so we left the O2 bottles and batteries on the bridge and lowered the torch down to the crew.  There was quite a bit of traffic so it was hard at times for Pat to hear the comm. system. I was in a dry suit and it was less than three feet deep so I had trouble keeping my legs down so Blake had to keep my legs down so I could cut the pilings.  Here are some pictures of the site.


This show the equipment set up on the new bridge.                                                                  Lowering equipment down to the divers                                                                  Gearing up



Ready to dive                                                                                                             Shows 3 of the pilings just below the surface.



I got one 80Cuft and four 50Cuft Al cylinders in for sale.  The have just been hydro and are ready for sale.  They will work fine for diving or to use for filling paintball cylinders.   We have two rental regulator/computers left to sell at reduced prices as we would like to clear them out before the end of the year.  Remember to keep us in mind for your Holiday buying.

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