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March 6, 2014

It looks like it is finally going to start warming up a little.  I am hoping it continues as I think everyone is getting tired of winter.

We will not be having the pool at the Red River Sport show this week as there was a mix up on where we could put the pool.  I would like to thank those of you that volunteered to help on the pool.   I am hoping by next year we can get the details figured out in advance  so I can be able to let people experience scuba.

Classes are filling in most locations.  We are working on getting a pool to teach in in the Fargo Moorhead area as West Fargo went up from $22 to $100 per hour making it cost prohibitive to offer a reasonable fee to students.

We still have some openings for the ice dive class on March 14 th and 15 th with classroom on the 14 th with the dive on the 15 th.  If you are not interested in diving you are still welcome to come out and watch the dive on Saturday.


Pelican Lake vehicle recovery January 24 th was our first recovery of the year and it turned out to be one of the easiest recoveries we have had in a while.  The vehicle went through the ice the week before and we picked the 24 th as that was going to be the warmest day with temperatures in the high thirties. The wind picked up and it started snowing about the time we starting bringing the vehicle out of the water.  When we arrived at the lake the owner of the pickup had gotten there earlier that morning and drilled holes out to the site checking ice depths.  He had also gotten permission to use a private access on Fish Lake which cut out about 5 miles distance to travel.  There had been snow and a lot of wind in the week since it went in so it was difficult to get the trailer out to the site.  I called Keith Heinlein to bring his plow truck to plow a path to the site.  While waiting for him to come we loaded up the saw, chisels, and ice tongs on the ATV and headed out to the site.  We had the vehicle leveled and most of the hole cut by the time we got the trailer was brought out.  The water was a little less than four foot deep with solid bottom which made it easy to work.    Those on the job were Karl B, Ryan S, Larry O, and Seal.  Here are some pictures taken by Larry Olson of the recovery.

Vehicle laying at an angle against the ice in river channel



Crew removing ice around the vehicle       


Attaching anchor so it will not tip on its side       



Cutting ice so we can right the vehicle


Cutting a channel to thicker ice


Hooking up the diver to air


Diver hooking up tow chain


Wrenching vehicle to the SUVE (Submerged Underwater Vehicle Extractor)


Lining up on the SUVE


Snow blowing across the lake


Removing ice between SUVE and pickup



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