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April 4, 2014

The Lakes still have a lot of ice and I am hoping it will be off the lakes before the end of April and not into May like it was last year. Winter seems to be unwilling to let go of its grip.  It sounds like we are going to finally get some nice spring weather by Wednesday.

There are still openings for the April May class in Detroit Lakes. For the students that need to make up class for the 3 rd session can do the class in DL on the 14 th of April at 6PM and for those needing to make up the fourth session can do it on the 21 st of April in DL.  If you are coming let me know so I can bring gear for the class.

The cards for the ice diving class arrived today so they can be picked up.  Here is a link to watch the video of the ice dive.

The diving season is not that far off so if you need your gear serviced or checked out this is a good time of the year to get it done so it is ready when you want to make that first dive.  

The spearfishing trip to Lake Sakakawea is set for June 19 th through the 22 nd.  We only have one opening left for the trip so if you are interested let me know. 
Here is a link that Rick sent me about Scuba Club Cozumel where we stay when I take groups to Cozumel.



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