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May 3, 2014

Ice is off the area lakes but the water temperatures are not warming up very fast with the cool weather we have been having.  The strong winds and rain this last week have not helped either.  

The suckers should start running by the end of next week if the lakes warm up some.  I will post when they start running if you are interested in going.  We usually have the best luck late afternoon with our best success has been in Pickerel Lake.


I bought out some scuba equipment inventory from someone going out of business.  All the gear is Sherwood regulators and I have gone through and serviced each one completely and some are new and the rest are in excellent condition.  They include Maximus, Mangum, and Brut regulators. The Brut regulators will make good RBS regulators and at the price I am selling them for the rest will make a good base to build a complete setup.  I also have a number of Shadow + regulators. There are also a couple of new Blizzard Regulators.  I also bought the last 10 new Maximus regulators that Sherwood Scuba Company had in stock. Because of the design of the new Sherwood’s the Maximus will no longer be available so when these are gone we will no longer be able to get them. This is the regulator that the staff uses and I feel because of the way it is designed makes it one of the best regulators on the market.

I have had quite a bit of interest in the two winter trips that I had posted in the last email newsletter.  If you are interested in more information please let me know.  The Cozumel trip is close to being filled and the dates are Jan.2 through the 9 2015.  The Bahamas Trip will be the last week of January 2015.

We just got a shipment of underwater metal detectors in for those of you that want to enjoy a new adventure while scuba diving.  There are a lot of treasures lying below the bottom in our area lakes. We sold five last year and everyone that bought one had some success finding items. Suggested retail is over a $1,000 and we are selling them for $395.00.  They are good to 130 feet.

Our annual Super Spring Scuba Sale is set for May 31 st from 10:00AM to 3PM here at the dive center.  All new merchandize will be marked down 20% for that one day only.  We will have a drawing for a door prize.

The open water class that started in DL last Monday night has 11 students and if anyone would like to come and help let me know.



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