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May 28, 2014

The lakes are warm enough to start doing checkout dives so call and can set up a time to do your dives.  The open water dives include two shore dives one day and two boat dives on another day. Our goal is to have all checkout dives for the spring classes done by the middle of July.

I got a call yesterday from Jim Grier and he stated that visibility is about 50 feet on Paul Lake.  So this would be a good time to make a dive in the lake.

We are looking forward to the North Dakota spearfishing trip the 19 th through the 2 nd of June and we still have an opening for someone that would be interested in going out spearing game fish.

We had four divers take the spearfishing class on Memorial Day and they were able to get into spearing a few suckers. Those taking the class were Eric Bitzer, Sasha Bitzer, Charlie Blixt, and Rod Rohlfs. Here is a picture of the success.



The Tri-State diving crew traveled to Grand Forks to recover a fishing boat that sunk in the Red River.  On Friday May 23 rd Ryan, John, Nathan, and Seal meet the owner of the boat in East Grand Forks and traveled to the boat landing on the North Dakota side of the river, launched the Deep Diver and boated about three miles downstream to recover the fishing boat. The water depth was about 30 feet deep, the current was strong and the visibility was about 3”. The boat was being held by an anchor that was attached to the stern of the boat.  Our first task was to anchor the Deep Diver upstream from the boat and then attach a line from the Deep Dive to the sunken boat.  Ryan had to follow the line that was attached from the Deep Diver to the bow of the boat and then follow the gunwale of the boat down to the stern.  Ryan then found the anchor line attached to the boat and followed the line out towards the anchor where he cut the line so the boat would float back to the surface.  If you listen closely you can hear when the line was cut.  Ryan than came to the surface and I threw him a line so he would not drift downstream.  He floated around and then righted the boat.  We pulled the boat up alongside the Deep Diver and took turns bailing it out.  We were able to recover most of the owner’s equipment.  We then towed it back upstream to the access.  Here is a link to watch the recovery.

Our 12 th annual Super Spring Scuba Sale is this Saturday and we look forward to seeing you stop out for our great deals. It will run from 10AM to 3PM.  We have lots of great items on sale. Our next Advanced Diver Classroom is set for June 13 th and will start at 6:30 PM here at the dive center. Please call to sign up so we know how many will be in the class.  After the classroom sessions we can set up your dives to make the four dives: Night Dive, Deep Dive, Navigational Dive, and Low Visibility Dive.  Divers say that this certification helps to boost their confidence and makes them be able to handle their equipment and dive conditions more efficiently.  Other levels of training we will be offering this summer will be Underwater Spearfishing, Rescue Diver, Solo Diving, Nitrox Diver, and Dive Master. Watch for dates and time on the website and in the newsletter. 

We have an open water class starting next Tuesday June 3 rd and it will run Tuesday and Thursdays for two weeks.


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