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July 15, 2014

What happened to summer weather?  It looks like we will be headed back into summer by the weekend.  Most of the lakes still have excellent visibility. 
I had the misfortune of finding a zebra mussel in Pickerel Lake about two weeks ago.  Pickerel Lake has become the second lake in Becker County declared as an invested lake.  Lake Melissa was the first to have zebra mussels.  I found it in 13 feet of water off the public access stuck to a rock while doing checkout dives.  It is the largest one I have ever seen.  It was a 1 1/8 inch long.            

We have been watching for more every time we have been diving in the lake and to date we have not found any more. We are hoping this is the only one and we are thinking it came off a boat that was launched at the access.

Our next scuba class is set to start Aug. 5 th in Detroit Lakes.  This will be the last class of the summer.  We now have 8 people signed up for the Cozumel Trip in Jan.  It should be a great trip and would like to have you join us.  Scuba Club is by far one of the best dive resorts in the world and their staff is excellent to work with.
We just got another batch of XS Scuba 85 CF Steel Cylinders in and we do not know how many more will be available as they have quite making them.  From then on we will have to order Faber cylinders.  So if you are looking at purchasing steel cylinders I suggest you get your order in while we can still get some.  The underwater metal detectors have been a great hit as it gives a diver something else to do while diving.  We have them priced right and if you would like to rent one before making the purchase we do have one you can rent.

We need a couple of more for the advanced class so if interested please call and get signed up.

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