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June 15, 2015

Area lakes are up to 70+ degrees and the visibility is a little above average for this time of the year.  Saturday we had two Medallions found.  One was by a student and he won a Sherwood dive knife. The other one has not been brought into the dive shop yet.   We placed a whole bunch out last fall so when you are there diving keep a lookout for them.   
I do not have full staff yet so I would recommend calling to make sure someone is here before you come out to the dive center.  If you know of anyone looking for a part time job let me know

We only have two used tanks left for sale and they are 50 CuFt Al cylinders and are asking $78.00 apiece for them with current hydro, visual and a fill.  We still have a great selection of new and used Sherwood Regulators for sale.  Also we still have two complete rental regulators setups for sale that we are selling for what the cost of just the new computer on the setup sells for.
Our next scuba class will start June 30 in Detroit Lakes and will run Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks. We still have openings for the class.
Open water students need to call and get you open water dives set up as we need to get them completed before the end of July. It looks like the last class we taught will be the first ones to complete their dives. 
A week ago Friday, June 5 Pat Johnston passed away from a heart attack at the age of 52. I lost a very valued friend and a member of our dive crew.  Pat helped with our salvage and commercial diving and was a member of the Becker County Dive Team.  He will be missed by the diving community.
The July 4 th weekend is not that far off so if you are looking at renting scuba gear I would recommend getting it reserved early so you do not miss out on getting gear.  I am the only one doing Visual Inspections on tanks this year so I would recommend not waiting until the day that you want to get them filled to dive to get it done as I might be out on a dive.  If I am not here you will have to leave your tanks and rent some if you want to dive until I get the chance to test them.