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August 11, 2015

Pickerel Lake still has some great visibility and water temperatures are in the high 70 degrees in most area lakes.  It looks like we are going to have some great weather for diving this week.
The Rescue dive class is set for this Sunday August 16 th here at the dive center starting at 10AM and going till about 2PM.  The first part will be classroom followed up doing the skills at Pickerel Lake.  Divers should bring their own gear for skills training at the lake or gear can be rented if needed.  The Rescue diving class is designed to teach a diver how to rescue himself or another scuba diver.   But the most important factor is that it teaches divers how to prevent and avoid getting into a situation where a rescue needs to be made.  If you are interested in taking the class or have any questions about the class please let me know.
When it comes to air consumption most divers get frustrated when they are not able to make their tank last longer.  I find the most common problem is too many divers are diving overweighed.  The more air that is added to the BC causes greater drag and uses extra air to keep adjusting for depth changes.  Secondly a diver needs to streamline his gear.  Keep the accessories to what you will need for that particular dive.  Extra items add more drag. Once in the water take time to get organized and relaxed before you start your descent.  The greatest percentage of air most divers use is during the first few minutes of the dive.  When diving on a reef or any structure go slow and enjoy.   The slower you go the longer your air will last.

Here is a picture of the motor we found while diving on Big Elbow Lake a couple of weeks ago.  Does anyone know what brand and vintage it might be? 


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