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August 30, 2015

It is almost the end of August and it felt like fall last weekend and now we are supposed to be in the nineties all this coming week.  Starting tomorrow we will not be staffing so if you need to rent equipment, air fills or anything else make sure to call ahead to see if I am around.  We still have dive season left but it is not cost effective to have staff on site every day.  I will still be offering checkout dives through Labor Day weekend so if you need to finish your dives please call and get them set up.  Some of you need to finish your Advanced dives so please let me know when you can get them done.  Also I would like to do a Nitrox class this week so if interested give a couple of dates you would be available evenings this week to take the classroom.  I still have one opening for the Superior trip the weekend of September 11, 12, and 13 th.  Call if you are interested. 
Lakes in the area are still warm and visibility is still good in most area lakes so let’s get out and get a few more dives in. 

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