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March 28, 2015

The Upper Midwest Scuba show had another very informative show this year.  One of the most attended seminars was on using the GoPro camera.  The speakers were excellent and everyone I visited with was excited about getting back in the water for the season.  Hopefully we will start getting warmer weather so the lakes start opening up.  Some of the lakes are starting to show open water close to shore.

A week ago I shot some video of Otters playing and enjoying the warm weather we were having.  I watched them on a nearby lake for two days and then on the third day I took the video camera and took about 35 minutes of video and edited it down to 8 minutes.  Here is a link to watch them feeding and enjoying sunning themselves on the ice.  At the end you can see a painted turtle moving across the ice.

Here is another video Rick Schmidt shot while diving in Hawaii.  On one of the night dives on the live aboard boat he got some great video of small critters.  The boat was drifting 1,000 feet above the ocean floor and the divers were hanging on lines about 20 feet below the surface.  Most of the animal life you see migrate up from the depths of the oceans at night to feed and then return.   Video was shot with a GoPro camera.

We have a class starting this Monday in Detroit Lakes and I could use some help in the pool.  If you have not been in the water for a while this would be a good way to work on your skills while helping others.  Give me a call if you would be willing to help and I can bring in equipment for you to use.  We are looking at having a class in Crookston this spring.  We are working out the details with the pool manager and will post the dates and times when the class will be running. The Mahnomen class has 9 students and the Fergus Falls class has 8 students and both classes will be starting their third night this week.  We have a class starting the second weekend in April and will run two weekends in April.  On April 14 we will have another evening class starting in Mahnomen.

We will be handling two new products this year in the dive center.  The first is called the EEZYCUT.  It is an emergency cutting tool that can be used to cut fishing line, rope and webbing.  It can cut rope up to 16mm thick. It is small and compact and will sell for $24.00.  The second item we will be handling is called EarShield.  EarShield is combination of Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil, with natural antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infection properties, which acts as an invisible ear plug. It will sell for $19.00 and we are hoping we will have it in stock before the dive season as it has been so popular the company cannot keep up with production.

We will be running a Nitrox class which includes the benefits and limitations of using nitrox, how to determine the best mix for the dives you will be making and how to test your mix when your tank has been filled.  Rescue Diver class is an excellent class for every Diver once they have completed their Advanced Open Water class.  Most rescues are self-rescues but you will also learn how to recuse another diver in trouble. By taking the class you will learn that the knowledge gained in this class will make you more aware of what can happen to a diver so you learn that most situations are preventable.  I will post the dates when we have them set up.  We will also have a Dive First Responder class coming up and the course will cover; Open Wound Marine Injuries, Sting Injuries, Injected Envenomizations, Ingested Marine Toxins, Immersion-Related Injuries, Understanding The Hyperbaric Environment, Pressure Related Problems, Major Diving Illnesses, Rescue Considerations, Dive First-Responder Treatment Skills, Medical Emergencies and CPR AED Treatment.  Please let me know if you are interested in any of these classes. 

We still have a couple of openings for the Fiji trip and for those that have signed up I need a $300.00 dollars deposit as soon as possible.


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